Target Investments and Investment Platforms

Sun Terra and JEN Partners are focused on acquiring residential land.

We will purchase mixed use projects as long as the main component is residential.

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Land Investments

Our target investment size is up to $80 million. We will invest through direct land purchases as well as note purchases.

We may consider joint ventures but only if we are directly involved in the management.

We have a broad range and ability to invest in land under several scenarios, including but not limited to:

  • Completed residential lots

  • Partially improved developments

  • Fully entitled and unentitled land

Hills of minneola aerial view under construction community
Two men shaking hands as they sit in an office discussing business and land banking

Land Banking

Sun Terra and JEN Partners provide land banking services for residential development to financially stable homebuilders.

Total funding for acquisition and agreed land development costs are provided to the homebuilders.

  • This land bank service has been provided throughout the Florida market

  • The homebuilder is able to preserve capital by providing the land acquisition and development costs. The builder buys back lots on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Two men shaking hands as they sit in an office discussing business and land banking

Land Banking Jobs

  • Project: Holly Forest & Meadow Ridge

  • Location: Jacksonville, FL

  • Lots: 338 Single-family; 209 Townhome lots

  • Project: Marbella

  • Location: Kissimmee, FL

  • Lots: 148 Single-family

  • Project: Moss Park Preserve

  • Location: Orlando, FL

  • Lots: 122 Single-family

  • Project: Park View at the Hills

  • Location: Minneola, FL

  • Lots: 136 Single-family

  • Project: Hawkstone

  • Location: Lithia, FL

  • Lots: 188 Single-family

  • Project: Wincey Groves

  • Location: Winter Garden, FL

  • Lots: 177 Single-family

  • Project: Hawks Fern

  • Location: Riverview, FL

  • Lots: 113 Single-family

  • Project: Latham Park

  • Location: Winter Garden, FL

  • Lots: 345 Single-family

  • Project: Triple Creek

  • Location: Riverview, FL

  • Lots: 160 Single-family

  • Project: Woodlands at Longleaf

  • Location: New Port Richey, FL

  • Lots: 83 Single-family

  • Project: Belle Vie

  • Location: Orlando, FL

  • Lots: 85 Single-family

  • Project: Windermere Isle

  • Location: Windermere, FL

  • Lots: 158 Single-family

  • Project: Langford Landing

  • Location: Jensen Beach, FL

  • Lots: 60 Single-family

  • Project: West Side Village

  • Location: Windermere, FL

  • Lots: 138 Single-family

  • Project: Ruby Lake

  • Location: Orlando, FL

  • Lots: 237 Single-family

  • Project: Lakeside at Narcoosee

  • Location: St. Cloud, FL

  • Lots: 256 Single-family; 207 Townhome lots

  • Project: Reserve at Hunter’s Lake

  • Location: Tampa, FL

  • Lots: 80 Single-family

  • Project: La Collina

  • Location: Brandon, FL

  • Lots: 292 Single-family

  • Project: Innisbrook

  • Location: Palm Harbor, FL

  • Lots: 110 Single-family

  • Project: Mariposa

  • Location: Riverview, FL

  • Lots: 189 Single-family

  • Project: Hamlin Reserve

  • Location: Winter Garden, FL

  • Lots: 231 Single-family; 118 Townhome lots

  • Project: Seven Oaks

  • Location: Winter Springs, FL

  • Lots: 138 Single-family

  • Project: Sonoma Resort at Tapestry

  • Location: Kissimmee, FL

  • Lots: 121 Single-family

  • Project: Nova Grove

  • Location: St. Cloud, FL

  • Lots: 117 Single-family

  • Project: Manors at Forest Glen

  • Location: Riverview, FL

  • Lots: 86 Single-family

  • Project: Reserve at South Fork

  • Location: Riverview, FL

  • Lots: 110 Single-family

  • Project: Camden Lakes

  • Location: Naples, FL

  • Lots: 155 Single-family

We Strive To Only Pursue Properties We Can Close

Sun Terra teamed with JEN Partners in 2009 and this successful partnership continues today.  Together, we have closed well over $250 million in transactions.

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